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Player Limited Liability Agreement (Lori Adam   Jan 9)

 Limited Liability Agreement
By submitting your registration dues to your captain and/or having your name appear on a roster on the website, you are accepting the NWTL “Limited Liability Statement".  

1.    I HEREBY REQUEST ENTRY INTO Northwest Women’s Tennis League (“NWTL”) and request permission to participate in activities at the tennis courts of the Clubs participating in NWTL.  Acceptance of my entry in any activity of NWTL is without assumption of responsibility of any kind by NWTL, its members, officers, directors, or agents, or by clubs and court owners which allow use of their courts for NWTL activities, their members, directors, or agents.
2.    In consideration of the acceptance of my entry into NWTL, I do hereby and on behalf of my heirs and legal representatives agree to fully RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, DEFEND, HOLD HARMLESS AND FOREVER DISCHARGE NWTL, its members, players, officers, directors, board, board members, agents and participating clubs (the “Indemnitees”) of and from any and all past, present or future fault, liability, responsibility, claims and demands of every kind, nature and character directly or indirectly relating to my participation in NWTL which I may have or may hereafter acquire for any and all past, present and future damages, losses or injuries of any type, kind or nature. Including without limitation, personal injury, property damage, mental anguish and distress, injury to character or reputation, economic loss, lost profits or economic opportunity, consequential damages and incidental damages (“Damages”) EVEN IF IT IS ALLEGED, CHARGED OR PROVEN THAT MY DAMAGES WERE, ARE OR MAY BE CAUSED BY THE SOLE, JOINT, CONCURRENT OR PARTIAL NEGLIGENCE, FAULT, STRICT LIABILITY OR CONDUCT OF THE INDEMNITEES.
3.    I understand that I alone am responsible for determining the safety, condition, and playability of any tennis court upon which I will participate in a NWTL activity before I use any such court. I understand that I have the right and responsibility to refuse to participate in any activity on such court if I am uncertain whether the court is safe for my use.  Having personally determined that a court is safe and satisfactory for my use, I alone am responsible for refusing to continue any activity on such court if I believe the condition of the court has changed during my use.
4.    I have read and fully understand this Liability Release Form and Hold Harmless Agreement.  I understand that if I have any question about the content of this Agreement, I must not register with a team and should seek further information.

Who Do I Email? (Lori Adam   Aug 3)

Have an issue?  Not sure who to email?  Here is a listing of your key NWTL board contacts.

 VP Technology - Heidi Furlong

Captain Changes (use contact form on website)

Team Changes  (use contact form on website)

Website Issues

VP Membership - Leah Henderson

Location changes (use contact form on website)



Player Concerns

Division Heads / Division Head Coordinator (use website links)

Match issues / Poor Sportsmanship  /  Poor Captain Communication

Rain make ups

VP Awards & Hospitality - Heather Taranto



Social /  Special events

President - Nicole Graul

New Team Inquiry (form)

Pro players needing board approval

Rules or ByLaws issues

League Administration


Latest News


Registration for the fall 2019 season is now open. Registration will remain open through 5/30 and the fee to register a team for the upcoming season is $160.00. A late registration window will open in August, but teams registering during late registration will pay an additional $25 for a late registration fee.

If you have any questions please email Leah Henderson at

League Contacts

Listed below are the key contacts for this League. View All Contacts
Nicole Graul
1st VP - Membership
Leah Henderson
2nd VP - Technology
Heidi Furlong


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